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    (Closed) Network Engineers prefer On-Demand work
    It’s very easy to get stuck in the vicious cycle of stagnation in a secure job. Network engineers that are in traditional employment are no different. However, those working through on-demand opportunities can often fast-track their progress.

    Each project builds up their experience. Meanwhile, it only takes one short-term job in a more senior role to open the door to this new level of work. Given that most contracts only last a short while too, this can be an ideal way to grow at the quickest possible rate.

    Aside from choosing when to work, skilled network engineers can use on-demand jobs to work on what they like too. The importance of networking technologies means that there will never be a shortage of jobs. So, the top talent can pick and choose the projects that appeal most.

    This can mean working with the most reputable companies and with people they like and trust. Or it may mean choosing the job that focuses on the parts of network engineering that they enjoy most. This effectively lets them skip the negative tasks they’d have to complete in a normal role.